Bloom Hand + Body Lotion

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Bloom Hand + Body Lotion
Bloom Hand + Body Lotion


Bloom Hand + Body Lotion

Current Price $26.00 Original Price

It's the lightly-scented, deeply-hydrating hand and body lotion you've been dreaming of! Thoughtfully crafted with nutrient-rich ingredients like Grapeseed Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Safflower Oil, this lotion is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants to provide your skin with lasting hydration. Enjoy the scent of fresh lemon, ylang-ylang, and vanilla as you moisturize your way to glowing skin!

Key Ingredients • 88% organic

  • Lemon,
  • Ylang Ylang,
  • Vanilla


1. Place a quarter-size amount Into the palm of your hand.


2. Rub the lotion between your palms for a few seconds to warm it up.


3. Use both hands to massage the lotion on to a small area of skin in gentle circular motions.

4. Repeat the above steps as needed to cover your entire body. Be more generous on areas of thick skin, such as your elbows or knees.




1. Immediately after exiting a bath or shower, while your skin is still damp.


2. Before Exercising: If you’re exposing your skin to the elements (think: jogging in the park or around the block), prep your skin beforehand with a lightweight moisturizer. If the weather is particularly chilly, this can help reduce the dryness that may occur once your workout session has ended.


3. After Shaving: In addition to removing unwanted body hair, shaving also removes the top layer of surface cells similar to an exfoliator. To help protect newly exposed skin from dryness, as well as soothe any razor irritation, apply a body lotion after shaving.

4. Before Bed: Moisture is pulled out of the skin as we sleep, so prep yourself by applying a body lotion or moisturizer right before bed. Besides, soft and smooth skin is always a nice feeling as you slip into the sheets.

pure, potent, mindfully crafted skincare

  • Paraben Free

  • Sulfate Free

  • Fragrance Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Pregnancy Safe

  • Cruelty Free

  • No Added Color

  • Small Batches