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Who We’re Looking For.

You’re creative, passionate and can’t wait to tell others when you’ve found something you love, then we might just be looking for someone like you.

Our ideal ambassador knows the importance of authentic storytelling when it comes to building a loyal brand following. Your social channels will reflect this with engaging, interactive content supported by a devoted, online community. Your confident, independent voice encourages, empowers and inspires others because you believe in celebrating the unique, individual beauty of women everywhere.

How it Works.

Upon receiving your application form, we’ll review it then follow up with you directly. This will help us determine the best fit for you and your audience that will help build the Om Organics brand. We’ll also look at your current online activities to get a better sense of your creative approach and community engagement.

Once a decision has been made, we’ll reach out to you with a formal offer. In exchange for complimentary Om Organics skincare as well as having access to the Om Organics team’s insight and expertise, your work will visually and creatively showcase our products while encouraging and inspiring others.

Why We’re Different.

Our philosophy is simple: pure, plant based, organic skincare that caters to six unique skin types. It’s totally clean, too because there are no toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients. Just plants, herbs and essential aromatics. Handcrafted in Canada.

Vegan & Cruelty Free

No Added Colour Or Fragrance

No Fillers, Parabens Or Sulfates

Safe To Use During Pregnancy

Where to Start.

Your first step to becoming an Om Organics ambassador is to fill out our application form. We’ll get back to you within ten business days to follow up and let you know the next steps.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please reach out to us via email at

We’re looking forward to having you be part of our online community.

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